CANAL 2 ENGLISH - The Channel

International channel 2 is born of the initiative of Mr. CHATUE his/her/its promoter that, facing the monopoly of the media of State that operated in the institutional, wanted to bring closer the television of the populations. It is propelled by this desire that in 2004 the chain is born again of the ashes of Channel 2 that closed his/her/its doors one year earlier after having existed during 2 years.


The chosen editorial line is proximity and the chain is different in first by the accent put on the promotion of youth that constitutes the main component of it. The dynamism and this staff's value of which the average of age is of about 30 years as well as the professionalism and the technological prowesses will permit therefore to International Channel 2 to hoist itself/themselves instead leader of the television in Cameroon. First private TV channel in Cameroon to benefit from an exploitation license, International Channel 2, since his/her/its creation, is stayed to the head of all audience studies achieved by international restrooms.


To confirm his/her/its ascension chains it is going to renovate so much on the structural plan that logistics with by turns his/her/its delivery in September 2004 to the W3A satellite, in November 2005 on the NSS7 satellite, and in February 2006 with the integration of the bouquet Channel Satellite and then the ADSL networks in Europe (free, nine, orange, Numéricâble, etc). She/it emits in fattening pond on the channel 25 of the strip UHF in the big cities of Cameroon and by Cable in all other. The chain intègrera his/her/its own local that in 2006, a building situated to the n°877 Rue Njo Njo, in the city of Douala to Cameroon. This enormous worry of extension in term of cover zone goes on this day will permit assembly-line to be watched in most countries of Africa, of Europe, of the United States and even of Asia.


The management of the men, she/it has as known commonly an unstoppable dynamics through a scholarly dosage of the permanent ressourceshumaines and the outside collaborators named correspondents, necessity being to specify that these last are scattered through the territory of Republic and abroad. The distribution of Resources Human of the enterprise is essentially made between the two Representations of which it endowed herself/itself (Yaoundé and Bafoussam) in addition to his/her/its head office in Douala.


Otherwise, he/it agrees to specify that the structure is managée of master's hands by his/her/its assisted General manager of five other Directions (Direction of the Human Resources, Commercial Direction, Direction of information, Direction of the Cooperation Internationale, Technical Direction and Direction of the programs) that constitutes the pedestal of this powerful futuristic structure that shines by the diversity of these programs and the place of choice granted to youth.